• IBM's ASCI white supercomputer, the fastest computer in the world, weighs as much as 17 elephants and can do in one second what a calculator would take 10 million years to do.
  • The first computer "bug" was a real bug. In 1947, engineers found a moth in Panel F, Relay #70 of the Harvard Mark 1 system. The computer was running a test of its multiplier and adder when the engineers noticed something was wrong. The moth was trapped, removed and taped into the computer's logbook with the words: "first actual case of a bug being found."
  • Mr Tomlinson has been called the father of e-mail because, back in 1971, he invented the software that allowed messages to be sent between computers
  • Around 1% of the world's 650 million corporate e-mail accounts are plugged into hardware and software that forwards incoming messages to a mobile device. And about 3.65 million of them use a BlackBerry. An estimated 126 million employees use Microsoft Outlook on desktop.
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