Copy your current screen for saving or printing. Press Print Screen - this copies the screen to the clipboard. After doing this, use "Paste" into (e.g.) Word to get a copy of what the entire screen looks like including Windows headers etc. You can then print it. Since it is a picture, you can open the picture tool-bar and crop or do other simple edits. You can also paste into a photo editing program like PhotoShop - so no picture can be truly immune from getting a copy on the Internet - that's why people with photos to sell don't put high resolution versions on the internet!

Keyboard Shortcuts - There are many keyboard shortcuts available - the trick is to remember them. Two that I find handy are:

F2 - Rename a file (instead of right click, select Rename, then left click)
F5 - Refresh the screen - sometimes, the screen does not show the results of what you just did - so try pressing F5. For the Internet, you may need to use CTRL F5 to get a refresh.

Link : HERE

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