Hitachi (Malaysia) Interactive Whiteboard - SMK Engkilili Technology Blog
FX-Duo at a glance:
• Robust surface – The surface is robust and the whiteboard 
 works even if there are scratches/dents on the surface
• Low relection – Projector relection is minimized making it 
 gentle on the eyes
• Input Methods – Use a inger/object or an electronic Pen to 
 operate the whiteboard
• Simultaneous Inputs – Operate the whiteboard using both 
 hands (gestures). Scroll and Zoom-in/Zoom-out
• Field Replaceable Digitizer – A detachable digitizer makes it 
 unnecessary to send the whole unit for repairing
• Electronic Pen – Equipped with three conigurable side buttons

Key Benefits:
• Constant learning – robust surface means no downtime
• Flexible learning – can use inger or electronic pen
• Interactive group work – two or more can use board at once
• Control – The electronic pen enables the teacher to take 
 control over group sessions at the board at any time• Kind to your eyes – low-relection surface coating

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