iPHONE APP THAT TEACH YOU PIANO - SMK Engkilili Technology Blog
Called Etude, the app displays digitized sheet music and teaches you to play piano songs with an on-screen keyboard.

On its main screen, Etude, developed by independent iPhone programmer Dan Grover, uses the familiar Delicious Library metaphor of a book shelf from which you choose your score. Tap a title and the app launches the sheet music. Hit the play button and the app plays back the music while scrolling to the right to display the score as the song progresses.

The neatest part to me is an animated keyboard at bottom, which lights up the position of the keys for each note of the song. That should really come in handy for beginners still learning to read sheet music.

The app includes some classics such as Green Sleeves and Moonlight Sonata, but you can also download additional titles through an in-app store. Currently most of the songs available are public domain, but Grover and his partners hope to finish negotiations with sheet-music publishers to offer more contemporary music such as pop songs and film soundtracks. Link.

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