Google quietly launched a new website a few weeks ago called What Do You Love, otherwise known as WDYL. Today, the company made it officially by announcing it on the Official Google Blog. The new search tool combines almost all of Google’s services into one page.

According to Google, the goal was to find a way to connect people to products they might not know about and may find to be practical while still making the discovery applicable to them and fun. The result was WDYL, a website that showcases how varied Google products can show you different things about a particular search query.
For example, typing in the word “ice cream” will give you multiple results separated on various panels that are all displayed on one page. You can start an ice cream discussion group with Groups, you can read the latest news about ice cream with News, you can find books about ice cream with Books, and so on. Other services available via the web page are CalendarVoice, Image Search, Moderator, Trends, YouTubeGmail, SketchUp, Blog Search, Google Maps, Alerts, Patent Search, Translate, Mobile, and Earth. Clearly, there’s a lot you can do with WDYL.

It works better with more general terms. However, I entered the name of a member of my favorite band, as well as the name of the neighborhood I live in, and was surprised at the results I got. I actually was able to find information about him that I didn’t know. However, to make the most out of the service, it’s best to enter broader topics, like “cheese,” “soccer,” “food trucks,” and so on.

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